public notice with some history attached
I initiated registration on the domain on April 5, 1996. Over the course of nearly 20 years, TransVision Corporation of Colorado was my web and video playground, based in Littleton, south of Denver, Colorado. During that time, I designed and hosted hundreds of web sites including Ronald McDonald House Charities of Denver and micro contest sites — dozens of short-term, online marketing promotions for Comcast Spotlight of Denver. TransVision was the copyright owner of much of the intellectual property I produced during those years, including an 85 minute DVD documentary released in 2006, entitled "Old News". I created derivative work for publication in early Apple video podcasts and on YouTube. The copyrights of these and other works by TransVision transferred to me, the sole creator, upon my dissolving the business December 30, 2015. On July 12, 2016, I hereby vest all intellectual property rights, specifically the copyrights to my creative works under TransVision's tenure and subsequent to this date, with my new venture — Time Hop Films, LLC of Colorado — established May 2016.
(kean) Scott Monahan
past owner of TransVision Corp.
present owner/manager of Time Hop Films
Before catching an early wave in website design and hosting, I served as a radio and TV newsman in Denver.
Before my birth Transvision was a popular kit brand for home-brew hobbyists.
No one was mass producing televisions when TV stations began going on the air.
classic transvision television kit, 1946-1948
Sony named their augmented reality sandbox project Transvision as virtual reality evolves — there's a company by this name in California that originates live TV satellite feeds from around the world — a New Age group gathered annually in Europe under the Transvision banner — Transvision Vamp was a brief rock 'n roll sensation!
anten dot net

For me, it's a transition allowing me to focus on storytelling via persuasive videos about hidden American histories.
I have discovered over 30 years investigating that, by habit and dogma, archaeology effectively buries all that it will not tolerate.